J Doubles You In Progress 2020

In 1984, Jehovah's Witnesses released a book called "You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth." This was the seminal doctrinal Jehovah’s Witness study book of that decade, and it was studied fervently, both at the Kingdom Hall (JW Church), and at home in family study. It was a big part of what I was taught as a kid.

The main message of the book was to convert a non-Jehovah’s Witness to the faith, as well as to act as a reference for doctrine. The book taught that the end of the world would occur “in the lifetime of someone who was around to see WW1.” As a child I was confident that Armageddon would occur before the year 2000. After Armageddon, survivors would live forever on earth as humans, and nothing bad would ever happen again.

Recently, almost 20 years since I left the religion, I decided to revisit this book. I went through each and every page of the book, summarizing each parargraph in 25 words or less. I tried to be as neutral as possible, and not editorilize my summaries. I then assembled those summaries into a video and inserted into a diarama. Here are the first 4 chapters.


In the piece below, I juxtapose childhood school photos in with backdrops from the "You Can Live Forever on Paradise on Earth" book. The backdrop slides in and out via a manual mechanism