About Short Bio

Andrew Tomasulo is a multimedia artist whose work includes photography, electronics, painting, as well as sound.

His work has been exhibited in his home town of Philadelphia, PA, as well as New York, Chicago, Russia, and Japan. He holds a BFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Painting, and an MA from Dartmouth College in Electroacoustic Music.

He owns ATOM Arts, a museum design, integration, and fabrication studio specializing in connecting fine artists to design projects.

Artist Statement Methods, Thoughts

I begin with an initial idea—a mere curiosity often inspired by the mundane. How light creates shadows on objects, for example. Here my exploration begins.

Next I choose a medium. I examine the medium most appropriate for the idea being chosen, and then attempt to visualize it in modes beyond the ordinary. I know in advance that both the initial idea and the initial medium will eventually be completely discarded, and that a new, unseen idea and medium will emerge. I also know that this unplanned result will be just one of many possible and infinite results. My role then becomes much like a scientist’s, where I set up a series of systematic experiments designed to challenge or approach the limits of the medium, and allow the open-ended to emerge. This emergence of unexpected discovery forms the basis of my work.

The Role of the Artist Other Thoughts

The role of the artist is to show people that innumerable possibilities exist in this world and in our lives. We are not bound by the expected. It is easy to forget this.

“The mass media, the military industrial complex- all these elements may create a prison for us. So, we continue to think in the same way, to see the same way, and to act the same way. And who is the one helping us to get out of the prison of views, of feeling, the prison of collective consciousness? You the artist." --Thich Nat Hanh -Transcribed from the CD "Planting Gardens", track 5